While you think it’s easy to hire tree service providers, you may or may not be entirely right. It all depends on the service providers whom you’re working with. But then again, you should also try to know more about the service that will be provided to you so you’ll have a good idea of what the outcome should be.  

If you already know the basics about tree services, such as tree cutting, trimming, and maintenance, then the next things that you want to know involve the implications of these services. There are some basic facts that you have to know about tree services and some of the most important topics are listed below.  

1. Tree Preservation   

There are certain guidelines that have to know when it comes to preserving trees that are marked protected by the local councils. If you want to be sure, you can talk to a professional arborist or tree surgeon about it. They should give you good suggestions on what to do to help you obtain certain permission from the local departments. Cutting or trimming protected trees may result to fines or prosecution. 

2. Wildlife Preservation   

Aside from the preserving the trees themselves, there are certain animals, such as birds and bats, living on the trees. Cutting the trees means depriving these species of their home. Learn about which wildlife is protected by the local council. If the tree you’d like to cut is where these protected animals live, then you have to consult with tree experts to know how you should go about it. Usually, tree experts let the nesting season to pass before doing any type of tree work.  

3. Best Tree Care Practices  

If you fail to hire the experts, then high are the chances that the job won’t be carried out properly. There are scrupulous individuals that are posing as tree surgeons even if they’re not. When hired to trim trees, what they do what is called topping. Topping is the process of cutting a large portion of the main living stem of the tree to significantly reduce its height. This is bad practice because it endangers the life and longevity of the tree.  

4. Prescribed Safety Standards 

There are a lot of safety standards that have to be followed when working on trees. All precautions should be carried out and there’s no going around or cutting corners. If these safety precautions are ignored, then damage to vehicles and people may occur. Again, you may be liable to all of these as the landowner. For starters, there should be men on the ground to make sure everything’s in order, including roping the entire area to avoid people and vehicles possibly passing by. Wearing all the required safety gear is also mandatory.  

These are just some of the things that you have to know about whenever you need tree services. To learn more about them and the other services that you possibly take advantage of, simply visit this tree surgeon Aberdeen to get more relevant information.