If you are planning for a road trip this incoming summer, make sure that your vehicle is in great condition and is checked by your trusted car maintenance service provider. If you’re asking why, it’s because many vehicles can during the hot season, which can leave you stranded in one place. A few of the concerns could make your vehicle unusable. The following are some of the most typical summertime car failures: 

Engine Surge 

Dirty air filters, for example, can make any vehicle breakdown or can lead to a problem with the vehicle’s ability to drive. Engine exhaust, which sends a part of the exhaust back to the engine to reduce emissions, might malfunction in cars during the summer. If clogs from within your intake manifold, as a result of this flow, it could lead to expensive repairs and car breakdowns. 


The most common causes of overheating in a vehicle are a broken cooling system or low-level fluid. To prevent the engine from overheating in the summer, your car’s cooling system must work harder. Your car’s fluids and coolant should be checked regularly to avoid a breakdown caused by overheating, which can cause serious damage to your vehicle. 

Flat tire or blowout 

Flat tires are one of the most common reasons why road trips get postponed. These are usually happening due to normal wear and tear as well as excessive inflation throughout the summer. Even though modern vehicles have tire pressure monitoring systems, older cars do not have this particular machine to identify the issue. To avoid over-inflating your tires, most service facilities include an air meter on their air pumps. In addition, you should reference your owner’s manual to determine the proper tire pressure. 

Evaporative leak 

During the summer, the increased temperature could cause an increase in the pressure in your gas tank. The gas tank should not distort if this pressure is released. Due to the car’s charcoal canister, the fumes are stored and absorbed until the engine is started, at which point they can be expelled. The check engine light will come on as soon as a leak is discovered. The most common cause of a fuel leak in an older vehicle is a fractured hose, which can be repaired. 

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