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Revenue Stamps

Scott does not list Philippine Revenue Stamps. For the US period the best catalog we are aware of is the 'FISCAL STAMPS O THE PHILIPPINES: A CATALOGUE 1898 TO 1946" "THE WARREN UPDATE" By Douglas K. Lehmann and Don Lueck. Published by the IPPS ( International Philippine Philatelic Society) in 1993. These two collected AND STUDIED this area for 20+ years, and are responsible for finding a lot of materials that Warren was not aware of and listing them. Today, both are still searching and finding new materials. Doug regularly publishes updates in the IPPS Journal. It would be worth your while to Join IPPS. Our library contains all the back issues with a wealth of information published over the years. If your interested in joining, contact us..ita a real friendly and active society. WE REFERE TO W#'S (WARREN #'S) to ID our lots.

The original publication was done by Arnold Warren over many years while he lived in the Philippines. He was interned by the Japanese (Civilian Internee) and returned to WA. State after the War. His original published work was serialized by the American Philatelic Society. His work included the Spanish and early issues of the Republic. Over the years, many other catalogs have been published in Spain, and England. All of these are long out of print. Prices are realized at huge amounts over their published prices of the time, especially on the rarer material.

The Collector should remember that stamps and revenues have a somewhat similar rarity/worth arrangement. If there are 100 million of a stamp or revenue, they will resell for very little. But if in 1898, only 1000 were printed, How many still survive? The Better the condition, the higher the price. Most of the Philippine Revenue lower values can be found if one looks for a while, although some of the lower catalogue valued ones are almost impossible to find. The market rapidly adjusts if that happens.

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