Help !!

Help !!

Please help us on the ongoing project to prepare a new version of the United States Postal Stationery Society's catalog "Philippine Postal Stationery"

This Project has been ongoing for over 4 years now and we need your help to complete it.

The new catalog is being worked on to include:
1. The Spanish Period
2. The US Administration Period
3. The Japanese Occupation Period
4. The Republic of the Philippines

We ask you to go thru your Philippine Stationery Collections, and if you have an earlier date than is currently listed, please let us know. On Many Envelopes and cards of the US period, there has never been a listing for the ERD (earliest reported date). It is believed all the dates during the Japanese Occupation issues are known, but we always welcome dates earlier than the current catalogs show. ERD and LRD (latest reported date) are sought for all periods of Philippine History.

It is the goal of this editorial committee to publish the definitive work on the Stationery of the Philippines. This will help all of us who collect this part of Philippine Philately.

The book will recognize all contributors by name unless you prefer anonymity..

We have a new perspective on the corner cards of the Philippines. (Those pre-printed on a printing press.) It is our belief that the Bureau of Printing in Manila probably did a number of corner cards.

One of the basis of this belief is the fact that when the stationery with preprinted corner cards was purchased from the PO, there were no "Mistakes" to pay for, while private printers could cost the purchaser extra for the stationery they had printed by the fact that mistakes were money out of pocket.

To this end we have compiled a listing of corner cards not previously listed. I have it in adobe PDF format file which is zipped. It is still large,(4549 KB) but worth downloading.

We are seeking other corner cards which we have not listed on that list.

If you have any in your collection, please let us know by sending us a scan. (email link below). We will need to know which UPSS Stationery number the corner card was printed on and the date of use. If our listing contains items you have and you have an earlier or later date than we have listed, please let us know and lets get the information into the catalog.

Please don't forget to send us the dates on the used stationery you have in your collection, unless of course it falls within the date range listed by other sources. By UPSS number please.

Link to zip file of corner cards below:


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