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This page contains links to sites which list many Philatelic sites or to sites that have interesting Philatelic Materials made by collectors or exhibitors.

hawaiistp Hawaiian

This fascinating site is being constructed by my good friend Fred Gregory. It has the most up to date information on Hawaiian Philately that is available. The site is still under construction (and given the amount of material that is still to be described and illustrated, he may be doing this for an awfully long time. The site is already quite extensive, and plan on hours of browsing here. Its your quick ticket to learning about Hawaiian Philately, and MOST recommended.

ippslogo International Philippine Philatelic Society

This site for the IPPS is maintained by Doughlas K. Lehmann. The International Philippine Philatelic Society (IPPS) was founded in 1974. The Society is based in Manila with a separate overseas operations established in 1986. The Philippine and Overseas operations are linked together to form the IPPS. At the present time, IPPS-overseas operations have over 200 members from 9 countries (approximately 175 in the United States). It is one of the most informative groups around, and most members openly share their knowledge and research. A quaterly Journal in Color is printed. You can join for $10 US as an on line member even. Click the logo to find out more about us.

piphilaty Philippine Philatelist

Philippine Collectors: Stand up and take note of this really beautifully prepared site prepared by my friend Abraham Lupso, Jr. in Manila. Abe has done much for the Philippine Collectors over the years, and this is his newest contribution. A trip to this site is a journey to knowledge. Regrettably, Abe passed from our presence in 2009. His creation is now maintained in conjunction to the .

IPPS (International Philippiine Philatelic Society

Joseph Luft's Philatelic Resources on the Web An excellent source of Philatelic Information. He has received high ratings on this site.

Filatelia em Portugal An interesting site from Portugal established by Prof. Carlos Pimenta. This is a developing site and will be worth repeat visits to learn more of Portuguese stamps and history.

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