Ebay Rules of Sale

1. This is an EBAY AUCTION SALE ONLY. All Prices are final.

2. All lots are sold as genuine unless otherwise noted. In case of a dispute as to authenticity, the decision of an expertising source that is mutually agreeable to Coughlin's and the buyer will be binding. Sources we usually use are the PF (Philatelic Foundation) or the APS (American Philatelic Society). The items in question must be returned to us with a request for certification within 30 days of receipt by the buyer. We will obtain the certification from your choice of the above or we can mutually agree on an alternative.

We can get discounted rates saving money for our customers not members of the APS or PF. We also can use PSE. Payment need not be made to Coughlin's until a good certificate is obtained. On receiving a good certificate, we will bill you for the cost of obtaining the certification and the lot price. If the opinion is returned as "not Genuine", then we will absorb the actual certification costs and advise the purchaser of the results. If the opinion is "No Opinion", the purchaser will bear the cost of the certification.

3. Coughlin's retains the title to all items until payment in full has been finalized. (Checks cleared bank or payment made in full).

4. Coughlin's reserves the right to hold all items until payment is made in full.

5. Lots will be sold to highest bidder as determined by Ebay.

6. Coughlin's reserves the right to sell duplicate lots of the same price, quality and description on any items not illustrated.

7. All credit card orders must include type of card, Number and Expiration Date as well as your billing address for the card. (Due to the requirements for electronic processing.) Online orders MUST fill out all the required data on the order blank. You can order thru our SECURED Coughlin's Order Blank on our website by putting the lot # and the word EBAY in our order form, as well as filling in the credit card information required.

8. Actual Postage will be charged on all orders. Orders can be sent via Express Mail at your request. We ship all orders domestically for $200.00 to $1,000.00 via Certified mail, and any items above $1,000.00 by registered mail. There is no charge to the buyer for insurance protection. All international orders over will be shipped via registered mail, unless the buyer requests an alternate shipping method. For alternate shipping methods, we may, in some cases, not be able to insure your lot.

9. Coughlin's reserves the right to withdraw any lot from the sale that is incorrectly described.

10. Coughlin's will not honor returns on lots more than 30 days after shipping, or for reasons of faults clearly described in lot descriptions, or illustrated lots for reasons of centering, missing perfs or other obvious characteristics. We try to describe lots with great care and accuracy, but like all people we occasionally do make mistakes. Mistakes are taken back with humble apologies, and we will refund all postage costs to you according to the following terms: (On items under $200.00 send regular mail, for items $200-$1,000 return by Certified mail (no Return Receipt) and for items over $1000.00 return by Registered mail (no Return Receipt). Our insurance covers shipments made in this manner. We will not pay for return receipt charges, or for charges incurred for shipment other than proscribed above.

On items returned under $200.00 You must obtain for your records and for my insurance to cover returns, a Post Office proof of mailing form (you keep for your records just in case) at your expense, otherwise if you want insurance on items under $200.00 you must pay it on returns.

11. Your satisfaction is guaranteed.

12. An order via Internet order blank is your full acceptance of all pertinent EBAY auction rules and these rules and conditions of sale.

Thank You.

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