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Coughlin's was founded in 1970 while Ray L. Coughlin was stationed at USNAVCOMSTA, Cheltenham, Maryland. The company first sold via the mails thru approvals, but quickly became involved in its first year doing the local Washington/Baltimore Stamp Shows.

In 1970 Ray decided that he would become the world's foremost dealer in US Possessions stamps and covers. He is still working at that goal.

In 1974 Ray and Paul Binder formed a partnership in a stamp shop in Catonsville, MD. (B&C Stamp Shop). In 1976 this partnership was dissolve, and later in the year Ray sold his stock to Martin Paley. Less than a year later, Ray was back in the mail business, conducting his Private Treaty Sales. These fixed price mail sales have over the years featured exclusively US Possessions stamps and covers, and have sold some of the major rarities in this field. He also started attending some stamp shows.

In 1979 Ray's company transferred him to Taipei, Taiwan. From there he continued to produce his PTS's (Private Treaty Sales). In 1981 he was transferred as a civilian contractor to Clark Air Force Base, Pampanga, Philippines.

It was from there he continued to produce PTS's, and opened a stamp store which remained in business until 1988.

In 1988 he returned the US, and after spending a few months looking around, opened a stamp shop in Northeast. Maryland, which was later moved to Elkton, MD. During this time, Ray continued to produce PTS's. He also started becoming a major show dealer now attending shows all over the USA and some in Canada.

The shop was moved briefly to Delaware, and then was closed in favor of doing strictly Stamp Shows and Private Treaty Sales. By this time it was becoming impossible with a 45+ shows a year schedule to continue to run a shop.

In 1991 Ray moved to Washougal, WA. where the business continued to operate from.

We do over 40 shows a year, and occasionally, when were caught up enough, produce a private Treaty sale. Our last on was Nov. 1997. This shows you what a heavy show schedule can do to you.

In April 2002, Lynda's parents presented us with 1.1 acres of land in Mountain Home Arkansas. In we started packing and in early August 2002 moved to Mountain Home. There we learned that in Arkansas, work in not always done on the schedules and times promised. In April 2002 we were finally able to get into our new home and begun the unpacking, sorting and finding process for the business. (A monumental process which make take a year or more to finish.). Patience is something (I lack a lot of) and we sorely need on this process. The need was immediate and the task was huge.

In Sept.2005, Ray suffered a stroke, and shortly afterwards we moved to Keller, TX. This was a short lived move, and in Sept 2007, we returned to Mountain Home, AR. where we started in 2008 to try and unpack and reorganize again. We came here to take care of Lynda's parents, and move in May 2008 to our current start the unpacking, and unfortunately due to poor movers, the resorting of many boxes...This chore continues here in 2009, as a lot of our time is spent taking care of Lynda's Mom. My diabetes had been kicking my rear end hard for the last year, but in April of 2009, I became insulin dependent. Although I fought against that for years, I now wish I had done it sooner. I am started to actually become human again.

At shows we carried a very decent stock of US Covers, and of course a terrific stock of US Possessions, Stamps and Covers.

We thank all of you who consistently came to see us, and those who patiently waited until I got back and could attempt to handle your mail requests.

In Dec 2009 My kidney failure, which we had been fighting, finally went into end stage and required dailysis. We Moved to FT. Worth, TX where we now hang our hat.We also had to quit the show circuit DR's orders. At This time we got busy building our web store.

Lastly, please check out our webstore which is now open. Click on the large banner on the front page of the site. ..

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