We are Professional Philatelist, serving the Philatelic Community since 1970. From January 1970 until the end of 2009, we traveled the country doing stamp shows. Due to health problems we no longer can do this travel, and have now opened our online store to continue to serve you with the Stamps of the US Possessions, and The postal history of the US & US Possessions. Follow the link below to our store and happy hunting. It grows most days, so check often Thank you!
April 30, 2016 over 13,300 illustrated lots now in our store. Please Click the banner below to enter.
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We are now able to offer you the chance to buy or sell at our office. By appointment only.
Updated 4/8/2007
Ray L. Coughlin was named the NSDA Dealer of the year for 2006 at the APS Riverside CA. Stamp Show in Feb. 2007
This site was awarded a Key Links2Go Award in 1998.

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